2023 Course Details


This Course

This 16 Module, 400 hour course has been designed to maximise your learning and integration.
This course will consist of both online and face-to-face components, with approximately 8 of the modules Face-to-face in Melbourne.

The Focus

The focus in each module will be on appropriate functional assessment of development; from a sensory, motor, social, cognitive and language perspective.

Appropriate adjusting protocols, effective environmental stimuli and professional collaboration will also be incorporated. Common issues, management, indications, contraindications, red flags and referrals will be included.

Continuing Professional Development

Your responsibility is to fulfil your requirements by completing and keeping the appropriate Continuing Professional Development documentation.  Australian requirements can be found at Chiropractic Board of Australia website.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued upon the successful completion of the 400 hour course

Year One

Module 1: 
Course introduction, anatomy and neurology of the developing brain

Module 2:
Understanding the neonate, and young infant. Attachment, attunement and feeding

Module 3:
Anatomy & physiology of spinal cord, cranial system, ANS, and CNS

Module 4:
Research: How to structure, read and analyze research

Module 5:
Motor development and control. Cerebellum, basal  ganglia and movement

Module 6:
Infancy: Plagiocephaly, torticollis, DDH and physical examination

Module 7:
Childhood Age 1-3 years. Brain lateralisation, language, and learning

Module 8:
Understanding the developing spine and extremity system

Year Two

Module 9:
Childhood age 3-5 years. Learning, developing and making connections

Module 10:
The school-age child, neurological development and learning

Module 11:
The afferent brain model and neuro-sensory integration

Module 12:
Neuro-developmental disorders and special needs children

Module 13:
Communication and collaboration, developing referral and community strength

Module 14:
Food, nutrition, and supplementation, for kids of all abilities

Module 15:
The pre frontal cortex, self-regulation, vagal tone, concussion and Celebration

Module 16:
Tying it all together. Completion Examination: written and practical.

Note:  All content will be covered, however the order may be varied to facilitate learning outcomes


The full investment for this 16 Module course is $15,824.00 AUD  (2021 prices).

2023 prices to be confirmed

This will be paid in monthly instalments

Payment Details

The first payment is due at time of application and covers Module 1
(this will be fully refunded if there is not a place available in the program)

Monthly payments will then commence in the following month continue for 15 months

All payments are in Australian dollars


Acceptance into this course is by application only

  • Applicants must hold a B.Sc (or equivalent) degree in Chiropractic and be a registered Chiropractor 
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated a clinical interest in paediatric neuromusculoskeletal development.
  • You will be advised of the outcome of your application within 14 days
  • First module payment is due at time of application
  • Upon successful application, a monthly payment schedule will commence and continue for 15 further payments.
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