Year One

Module 1: 
Course introduction, anatomy and neurology of the developing brain

Module 2:
Understanding the neonate, and young infant. Attachment, attunement and feeding

Module 3:
Anatomy & physiology of spinal cord, cranial system, ANS, and CNS

Module 4:
Research: How to structure, read and analyze research

Module 5:
Motor development and control. Cerebellum, basal ganglia and movement

Module 6:
Infancy: Plagiocephaly, torticollis, DDH and physical examination

Module 7:
Childhood Age 1-3 years. Brain lateralisation, language, and learning

Module 8:
Understanding the developing spine and extremity system

Year Two

Module 9:
Childhood age 3-5 years. Learning, developing and making connections

Module 10: 
The school-age child, neurological development and learning

Module 11:
The afferent brain model and neuro-sensory integration

Module 12:
Neuro-developmental disorders and special needs children

Module 13:
Communication and collaboration, developing referral and community strength

Module 14:
Food, nutrition, and supplementation, for kids of all abilities

Module 15:
The pre frontal cortex, self-regulation, and vagal tone, concussion and Celebration

Module 16: Dec 10 Online
Tying it all together, Completion Examination: written and practical

Note:  All content will be covered, however the order may be varied to facilitate learning outcomes